Why see a Marriage and Family Therapist

I have to admit… the title is misleading! I see all clients, inside and outside of the terms “marriage” and “family”. You may be someone who is looking to see a therapist by yourself, you may be someone who is not married but in a committed relationship, you may be someone who is wanting someoneContinue reading “Why see a Marriage and Family Therapist”

The Importance of Anti-Oppression Work

First thing’s first – what does anti-oppression mean? It’s basically an all-encompassing way of saying no types of discrimination of people’s identities. That means I don’t discriminate people based sex, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, ability, age, nationality, political or religious affiliation, class or socioeconomic standing. But anti-oppression work isn’t just not discriminating against people,Continue reading “The Importance of Anti-Oppression Work”