Natalie Koleric

Marriage and Family Therapist

I have been studying, working and training in the field of therapy for the better part of a decade. I graduated with a Masters in Gender, Feminist and Women’s Studies from York University which is why it is a core value for me to work from an anti-oppression framework. I privilege power sharing, empowerment and reducing marginalization in the relationships and the family systems I work with. I also graduated with a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy which means that I’ve learned how to skillfully focus on the dynamics of relationships.

My Philosophy of Therapy

Life is one big web of relationships. We are born on this world relying on our parents for nurturing and care, and we often find the most meaning and happiness in our relationships with others. But we also need to have a strong and healthy relationship to ourselves. When you can connect to yourself in a healthy way, you can create the strongest connections with others.

In the space I provide for therapy it is paramount that we create a feeling of safety together. There are things that I will do to create an environment of non-judgement, compassion and curiosity which will hopefully help you be brave enough to share what is happening for you. “Safety” is something each of us feels differently, so together we can set that stage for vulnerability and change.

It is widely acknowledged in therapy academia that what style of therapy, which interventions or what theoretical model the therapist uses is not a reliable measure for change. What is? The therapeutic relationship that each person creates with their therapist. If you do not feel that sense of safety to be able to share what is truly going on for you, the issues you face, the barriers you’re encountering – change likely won’t happen. It’s my personal goal to make each person feel like they can be their bravest self to face what is holding them or their relationship back, so I check in about how our relationship is doing. I encourage dialogue, confrontation and open communication of what is happening between us, as much as I will in your other relationships.

Who I see
  • Children
  • Teens
  • Families
  • Adults
  • Intimate Relationships

“Honesty and openness is always the foundation of insightful dialogue.”

– bell hooks
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